Catarina Costa Lopes

Partner | Head of Asset Management Economic Unit

Asset Management

PRA’s Asset Management Unit is dedicated to the creation of Special Vehicles for Real Estate Investment, involving the monitoring of investment funds and real estate management companies in all their aspects.

The needs of our customers justified the creation of this new Economic Unit, allowing us to be even more focused on this business area, which has been acquiring greater expression, a movement that we anticipate will continue to grow.

Areas of expertise:

▪ Corporate and real estate structuring of investment – investment solutions – Undertakings for Collective Investment – Funds and Societies for Collective Investment;

▪ Advising on financing and refinancing operations for assets and real estate projects (including mortgage operations, Sale and Leaseback operations and Real Estate Project Finance operations);

▪ Global assistance in the development of real estate development projects (new construction and urban rehabilitation);

▪ Elaboration, negotiation and execution of works contracts, consortium contracts related to works, Development Contracts (forward funding) and contracts for the provision of consulting services (architecture, engineering and inspection);

▪ Real estate investment vehicles (real estate companies, real estate investment funds, SICAFI/SICAVI, among others), including incorporation document dossier (projects of constitutive documents and, draft contracts) and activity (merger, transformation, increase/reduction capital, among others), legal and regulatory framework and compliance;

▪ Advice relating to the constitution and other vicissitudes of Venture Capital, Social Entrepreneurship and Specialized Alternative Investment Funds, including legal and regulatory framework;

▪ Advice on the constitution and other vicissitudes of main and feeding structures (feeder funds);

▪ Advice on Discretionary Portfolio Management contracts on behalf of third parties.

Governance in “asset management”

▪ Organization of the internal organizational structure – regulations, organizational charts, organic statutes, decision processes and communication channels;

▪ Monitoring of restructuring processes of corporate governance models;

▪ Advice and preparation of policy packages and internal procedure manuals – organization and exercise of asset management activity, including support in the implementation of the internal control system;

▪ Advice and preparation of internal policies for the selection and assessment of suitability of members of the governing bodies and those responsible for control functions, Remuneration Policies;

▪ Advice and preparation of policy packages and compliance programs in matters of prevention of money laundering and protection and processing of personal data.

Real estate litigation through “asset management”

▪ Sponsorship and follow-up of Customers and special operations, in the areas of real estate litigation.