Almeida Correia

Partner | Head of Family and Inheritance Law

Family & Inheritance Law

The Family and Inheritance Law team is dedicated to personalized monitoring of matters related to the family, children and young people, the adult accompanied by a caregiver and the inheritances and nationality, acting both preventively, with advice and legal advice, as well as in judicial resolution and extrajudicial.

In this area of ​​practice, we provide legal advice and legal sponsorship in:

▪ Marriage proceedings and prenuptial agreements;

▪ Legal separation of persons and property, simple legal separation of property, divorce, recognition and cessation of non-marital partnership and precautionary proceedings;

▪ Determining, alteration and cessation of maintenance;

▪ Division of assets and judicial inventories process, wills, probate and donations;

▪ Judicial review and confirmation foreign judgments;

▪ Regulation and alteration of the exercise of parental responsibilities;

▪ Investigation, recognition and challenge of paternity and civil sponsorship;

▪ Issues of international conventions maintenance, international child abduction, and important EU regulations relating to the family, children and young people

processes of adult accompanied by a caregiver and authorizations for the practice of acts;

▪ Nationality, residence permits and family reunification;