Joana de Sá

Partner | Head of Labour


The Labour department has a team of experienced and highly specialized lawyers, who allow a dynamic and efficient performance with its clients. The team stands out for the proximity it establishes with its clients and for the sense of integration in the particular reality of each one of them. As an area with constant evolution and the need for immediate action, the Labor team strives for proactivity in sending information, speed in responding to the customer, always seeking to present effective solutions for the topics presented, these being typically differentiating characteristics of the work that it develops. Having innovation as one of its main mottos, it tries to be at the forefront of the most current trends in the world of work and human resources, always in full compliance with the law and best practices. Accompanies both corporate and individual clients, in the field of consulting and litigation.

Among others, the team provides the following services:

▪ Advice on the various aspects of the development of the employment relationship | Implementation of norms/regulations aimed at valuing companies and their workers | Salary structure and remuneration | Equal Pay Plans | worker’s personal data protection | temporary work | other forms of work organization: remote work, flexibility and optimization of working times, among others;

▪ Restructuring and reorganization | Monitoring of transfer processes of economic unit, M&A operations, assignment of contractual position and outsourcing | Due diligence in labor and social security matters;

▪ Instruction and monitoring of disciplinary procedures and individual and collective dismissal processes;

▪ Geographic and functional mobility | Monitoring the hiring of foreigners | Expatriation Processes | International transfer of workers;

▪ Specialized Advice for Senior Management Positions | integration preparation; positioning in the organic structure and analysis of the hypothesis of coexistence of the employment relationship and management positions; formation of the legal relationship; confidentiality and non-compete clauses; support in termination processes of the contractual relationship and support in the outplacement process;

▪ Negotiations in terms of collective regulation, labor disputes, strikes and processes for preparing and monitoring Lay-offs;

▪ Labour and Social Security litigation and administrative offense proceedings related to the Authority for Working Conditions and Social Security;

▪ Advice on general Social Security matters | Subsidies and bonuses for hiring | Pension Plans | old age pension;

▪ Optimization of solutions in terms of Compensation and benefits | Incentive systems on share capital, including stock options, RSU and other fringe benefits;

▪ Training in labor and social security matters, fully parameterized according to the real needs of the client | Support for the prevention of occupational risks.