Susana Santos Valente

Partner | Head of Credit Recovery and Insolvency

Credits Recovery and Insolvency

The credit recovery and insolvency department provides advice in two main areas: credit recovery and restructuring or insolvency. Both areas have multidisciplinary teams highly specialized in monitoring corporate and private clients, creditors or debtors. The department is specialized in negotiation, extrajudicial and judicial, in mass or individual litigation, as well as in monitoring financial restructuring and insolvency. Specifically, the team provides advice on:

▪ Judicial and extrajudicial negotiation of credits on the creditor and debtor side, and agreements` s formalization;

▪ Judicial recovery of credits;

▪ “Mass” litigation;

▪ Bank credit`s litigation;

▪ Financial restructuring;

▪ PER’s, their negotiation, plan and execution;


▪ Insolvency, with an insolvency plan or liquidation.