Quality Policy

PRA-Raposo, Sá Miranda & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL acts accordingly with the Vision, Mission and Values defined by it, orienting its strategic objectives for the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its Quality Management.


PRA aims to be a reference of organization and quality in national and international law, through its legal services to its Clients, (i) with respect for ethical and deontological principles, (ii) with awareness of its social function in the area of Justice and (iii) with strict observance of the Code of Values intrinsic to its Mission.


The best global service, with the best lawyers, for the best clients.



  • Personal and professional posture;
  • Understanding the clients’ needs, assuming responsibility for the solution presented and the (in) success;
  • Consciousness of one’s own abilities and their use in a confident and proactive manner.


  • Creation of added value to the client;
  • Prioritization and planning of work with a view to obtaining results;
  • Management of activity and resources to maximize productivity;
  • Creation of excellence, quality and innovation in execution, adequate to the clients’ needs;


  • Promoting the exchange and active sharing of information and ideas;
  • Initiative and encouragement of dialogue;
  • Creating the feeling in the client that is unique and special;
  • Encouragement, feedback and coaching;

Client orientation

  • Anticipation of the client’s needs;
  • Identification of the need to change for the success of the client;
  • Commitment to the client’s goals;


  • Flexibility in solving problems;
  • Receptivity to new ideas and their implementation;
  • Design of creative solutions with added value for the client;
  • Respond effectively and dynamically;


  • Support and encouragement of risk-taking, experimentation and innovation;
  • Providing opportunity for others to take responsibility and make decisions;
  • Generation of empathy and recognition of the client.