Carlos Duque

Partner | Head of Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation and Arbitration

PRA teams are formed by sets of specialized, dedicated and efficient lawyers covering all areas of legal knowledge, with extensive experience accumulated in resolving judicial and arbitration disputes, with tradition and focus on proximity to the client and oriented to the rapid and successful resolution of their affairs.

In litigation, it has two major areas, one predominantly civil that favors dispute resolution through arbitration, and another criminal and administrative offenses.

It currently provides, among others, in addition to preventive consulting:

  • Advising and litigation on contractual or non-contractual civil liability actions, including professional civil liability
  • Advising, litigation and mediations in the areas of insurance, consumption, including processes with ASAE, and transport, including processes and procedures with IMT
  • Conflict resolution in the areas of construction, including involving private works
  • Arbitration proceedings, national and international, from their preparation to their completion
  • Preparation and presentation of the right of hearing and defense, preparation of written defenses, applications, inquiries of witnesses, judicial challenges, hearings and appeals, concerning administrative offenses of both ASAE, IMT, GNR, PSP, ANSR, IGAMAOT and Regional Entities of Madeira and of the Azores as well as regulatory entities
  • Definition of defense and prosecution strategies in criminal proceedings, focusing on economic and financial crimes (fraud, corruption, abuse of trust, fraud, tax crimes among others) but also on crimes of domestic violence, cybercrime and crimes against people and property in general
  • Study, implementation and monitoring of compliance programs aimed at enabling customers with the necessary means to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and to eliminate risks and prevent responsibilities