Rute Oliveira Serôdio

Partner | Litigation and Arbitration | Head of Entertainment


Renders legal services and consulting firms for film, television and audiovisual professionals specializing in intellectual property and audiovisual law operating in the main economic scenarios of the global film industry.

Aids film professionals make their projects viable, internationalize them, protect their rights and conquer their goals.

Main services:

▪ National and international co production with Portuguese productions companies, structuring and access to Portuguese aid, such as subsidies, Portuguese cash rebate and Due Diligence;

▪ Formalization and negotiation of service production contracts, management entities, Options on pre-existing works;

▪ Hiring Authors, hiring work for hire, production Staff hiring, hiring national or international actors (Deal memo, long forms agreement);

▪ Analysis of the factors of specific case to be advised: authorial and/or technical character, moral right;

▪ Advising authors to achieve fair compensation;

▪ Contracts VOD Worldwide platforms, TV channels contracts, distribution contracts and sales agents, License management;

▪ Music licenses, publishers, record labels and authors;

▪ Copyright Infringements;

▪ Fiscal investment and Equity Funds.