David Coelho

Partner | Head of Administrative Law and Public Procurement

Administrative Law and Public Procurement

The intervention of the State in the Economy has been replaced by more responsive and flexible models such as regulatory entities, concessions and companies operated by the Central State and Local Authorities. In all these State demonstrations, Public Law, and in particular the Administrative Law, plays a central role in the Citizens and Companies daily lives.

In Portugal, the public entities’ acquisitions with works, goods and services represents around 20% of the Portuguese GDP which means that Public Procurement knowledge is key for public entities and economic operators.

The team of Administrative Law and Public Procurement of PRA – Raposo, Sá Miranda & Associados is prepared to handle the challenges resulting therefrom, rendering legal services, in the Administrative Law area, to public and private entities, including State operated companies , independent public entities and, in particular, local authorities and affiliates, including local financial law, especially to the relationships with the Court of Auditors, the Inspectorate-General for Finance or the FAM (Municipality Support Fund).

On what concerns to Public Procurement we advise the contracting authorities from the very beginning of their pre-contractual proceedings and during all of its phases until awarding and subsequently during the contract performance. When advising economic operators, or focus is the definition of the tender strategy, production and validation of the bid documents and in any claims or legal proceedings during the tender and during the contract performance.