Clélia Brás

Partner | National Head of Real Estate

Real Estate

The Real Estate team at PRA- Raposo Sá Miranda & Associados stands out for its sense of responsibility, efficiency and proximity to clients, being responsible for consulting and advising in the most diverse areas of real estate law, such as drafting, negotiation, contracting, special operations and other areas of Private Law, also assuming the contentious aspect attached to them, still proceeding with:

▪ Advising on real estate transactions,

▪ Real Estate Reports and Due Diligences,

▪ Advice on private contracting and land registration, real estate management and monitoring of real estate companies, administration and management of real estate, including monitoring of condominiums and respective administrations,

▪ Advice on development and licensing in the areas of tourist, housing and local accommodation,

▪ Advice on registrations, on their harmonization (Conservatory of the Land Registry and Finance) and respective endorsements, in terms of real estate assets;

▪ Advice regarding purchase and sale contracts and respective promises, as well as the transfer of real estate for residential and non-residential purposes, of all types of assets, whether residential, hotel, industrial, commercial, services, urban or rustic land.

▪ Services in the most varied forms of assignment of real estate and everything that appears to be connected with real rights of enjoyment; such as surface right, right of use and housing, lending, real right to periodical or lasting housing, financial leasing, accommodation, usufruct, land easements, among others,

▪ Advice on litigation matters, through eviction actions, property claims, demarcation, execution for the delivery of property and other forms of defense of possession and property, including preventive actions, such as precautionary measures,

▪ Advising investment funds and real estate management companies,

▪ Assistance in the areas of real estate financing and construction, including horizontal property, shopping centers and other commercial exploitation complexes, urban planning and territorial management instruments, municipal licensing of urban operations, industrial/commercial and environmental licensing,

▪ Advice on banking operations and financing models, generally associated with real estate guarantees, but not excluding others.