Daniel Torres Gonçalves

Partner | Head of Health Economic Unit

Joana Aguiar Rodrigues

Associate | Litigation and Arbitration

March 3, 2022

Extension of the regime of reimbursement of rapid tests for professional use

Daniel Torres Gonçalves and Joana Aguiar Rodrigues explain the characteristics of this regime, which will be in force until March 31.

Notwithstanding the fact that the epidemiological situation caused by the COVID-19 disease pandemic has seen a positive evolution in Portugal – in accordance with what was recognized through the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 25-A/2022, of February 18 –, the exceptional and temporary regime of reimbursement of rapid antigen tests (TRAg) for professional use is still in force.

The aforementioned regime was created by Ordinance No. 255-A/2021, of November 18, which took effect on November 19, 2021 and was subsequently extended.

In this way, under this regime, the State pays 100% of the price of TRAgs for professional use, up to a value that cannot exceed €10.00 per test, as opposed to the maximum €15.00 stipulated by the previous regime.

With regard to the maximum limit of reimbursed tests, the entry into force of this Ordinance reduced the previous maximum of 4 (four) tests, now that limitation being computed in 2 (two) tests per month and per user.

The invoicing rules, which pass through the SNS Control and Monitoring Center, are established in the Joint Information Circular no. 08/CD/100.20.200, updated during the month of January.

On the other hand, since the regime under analysis was in force only until the 28th of February, Ordinance 105/2022, of February 28, was published, which extended the validity of this regime until March 31, without prejudice to any further extension.

As was the case until then, TRAgs for professional use carried out in all health care establishments with a valid registration with the Health Regulatory Entity (ERS) are eligible for reimbursement.

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